Why Home Inspections are Important

Home inspections are not a pass/fail process that determines whether or not someone can buy or sell a home or even whether a home equity loan can be approved. What their job actually consists of is exposing the safety and stability of the structure of the home. Issues that may pose safety hazard or lessen the value are stated and this information is then used to help either the buyer or the appraiser to decide what the next step may be.

A home inspection should only be done by a trained person or team because you need to know that they are qualified to report the condition of the home in accurate terms. Someone who is not experienced enough to look at the home as adequately as they should can miss items, even a drainage that could be life threatening to anyone living in the home.


Inexperienced inspectors are also equally as likely to overestimate the extent of an issue because they do not understand the problem as well as they should. For example may see past termite damage and assume the home is still at risk even though the home was treated and the damage proven to not be severe enough to affect the home structurally. Or maybe a roof that is known to need a few repairs becomes listed on the report as needing to be replaced. It may seem like a small difference, but it can be thousands of dollars’ worth of difference.

No matter what the circumstance may be that causes you to need a home inspection, always choose a company that will give you the most exact and unbiased report possible. It will make it easier for you to price a home you want to sell accurately or be able to offer a reasonable amount for the home you want to sell. Even if it prevent a refinancing or stops the home from being insured because of a serious issue, it is always better to know in this manner than to find out after a tragedy occurs.

If you are in need of an inspection of your home, contact SACRAMENTO HOME INSPECTION. They can provide an informative and experienced review of any home and give a detailed explanation to the owner following the walk-through. They are happy to have the homeowner on site while the inspection is in progress or they can perform the inspection on their own. Contact them to learn more about pricing, what they check and how their inspections can help you.


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